Contact Us

The Contact Us feature allows Users to communicate with eProcurement Portal Administrators. The User can compose inquiries and comments in this tool.

To access the Contact Us feature, select the icon in the header.



To submit a message, follow the steps below:

Note: * denotes mandatory field.


1. Enter Name.

  • Name: The name of the user composing the message.


2. Enter Email.

  • Email: The Email address of the user composing the message.

3. Enter Telephone Number.

  • Telephone Number: The Telephone Number of the user composing the message.


4. Enter Message.

  • Message: The Message the user wishes to send to eProcurement Portal Administrators.


5. Enter the characters displayed in the captcha picture box.

  • Entering the characters ensures a human user is submitted the message, as opposed to an automated system.

Click the  icon to submit the message.

Click the  to discard the message and return to the main page.

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