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View Available Business Opportunities


To view a list Available Business Opportunities, select a number link  to the Opportunities you wish to view. The Business Opportunities are grouped by Type of Business and sorted by Today, Last Week, and All.


In the example below, All Office Supplies Opportunities are selected:



A list of Business Opportunities are displayed:





The list of Business Opportunities are ordered by Published Date. To view a Business Opportunity, click the link to the item.


To toggle pages of available Business Opportunities, use the Page icons.


  • First: Redirects User to the page containing the most recent opportunities.
  • Previous: Redirects User to the page previously viewed.
  • Page Number: Redirects User to a specific page.
  • Next: Redirects User to the next page of opportunities.
  • Last: Redirects User to the last page (ie. the page containing the oldest opportunites).


To change the number of Business Opportunities displayed on the page, select a value from the Results Per Page drop-down menu.


To change the sorting method, select a Sort By criteria from the drop-down menu.


To change the ordering method, select desc or asc from the drop-down menu. Desc indicated descending order. Asc indicates ascending order.


Upon selecting a Business Opportunity, the page of Opportunity detail appears:





Displayed in the General Information section are the following details:


  • ID: Unique identification number for the Business Opportunity
  • Category: The Type of Business Opportunity.
  • Document Description: The specific item being procured.
  • Document Type: The Type of Document published.
  • Type of Audience: The audience whom may view the Procurement Document.
  • Institution: The Institution responsible for published the Procurement Document.
  • Institution Department / Agency: The Department or Agency within the identified Ministry responsible for the Procurement Document.
  • Published Date: The date the Procurement Document was published.
  • Proposal Reception Deadline: The latest date Procurement Proposals can be received.
  • Status: Current status of the Procurement Document.


Displayed in the Additions section are files relating to the Procurement process available for viewing.


To view an Addition, click the associated link. In this example, the initial Procurement Document and one Amendment are displayed.



By selecting an Addition to view, the User is prompted by the following window:



Select Open With to view the file. Select Save File to save a copy of the file. Click OK to confirm.  

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