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02 - Navigating the Portal

1. Home Icon - Clicking the Home Icon will return the user to the main page view.

2. News Articles - News article links are listed in the order they were created.

3. Site Directory - Directional links to specific Portal entities or additional information.

  • Help: The link will redirect the user to Portal¬†online help.
  • Contact Us: A tool used to send messages to Portal administrators.
  • Site Map: A directory of links to pages found within the portal.
  • Subscribe to e-bulletins: Users may subscribe to eProcurement newsletters and bulletins via email.

4. Language Preferences - Select the displayed language of the portal.

5. Review Current Tenders/Business Opportunities - Displays a list of current procurement opportunities.

6. Review Awarded Tenders/Awards - View Bid Awards in the following ways:

7. Additional Content - A collection of additional links available.


  • About Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal: The page describes the role of government transparency and its significance.
  • Do you Need to Register: For administrators. Used to register a new administrator.
  • Term of Use: Contains a Disclaimer of Liability.
  • Copyright: Legal copyright information.
  • Help: The link will redirect the user to FreeBalance online help.
  • Related Institutions: A directory of links to websites with further information regarding government transparency.
  • Legislation: Allows to the user to view recent and proposed legislation for the chosen fiscal period.

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