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Reference Number/PO: 11001707
Business Type: Construction
Description: Construcao da Obra do Novo Edificio do Ministerio da Justica. (Contract no. RDTL-MJ no. 50/2010)
Procurement Document Type: NCB
Procurement Audience: PUBLIC
Financing Institution:

81 - Comissão Administração do Fundo da Infra-estrutura

Institution Department/Agency: 810101 - Commissão de Administracão do Fundo Infraestrutura - FI
Institution Project Owner:

24 - Ministério da Justiça

Published Date: 04-10-2011
Proposal Reception Deadline: 04-10-2011
Award Date: 29-10-2010
Contract Signing Date: 19-10-2010
Contract Start Date: 29-10-2010
Contract End Date: 21-04-2012

Awarded Vendors

Vendor ID

Vendor Name

Awarded Amount

VG0044 G & S,LDA $3,981,831.75

Total     $3,981,831.75


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